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If You considering an Abortion clinic in Luanshya,We Can Help You, Contact your GP or An Abortion doctor in Luanshya as soon as Possible, We Offer Quality Abortion Pills and Termination of Pregnancy Services at Our Womens Clinic Luanshya, is Located in Luanshya

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Choices Women’s Medical Center has been providing abortions in Luanshya with respect, honesty and a high level of professional care for the past 10 years. Choices offers medical and surgical abortions to women up to 24 weeks pregnant. No matter your personal circumstance, your income or your age. Choices provides free abortion pregnancy testing, and no-cost abortion options are available if you qualify

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If you’re considering going for an abortion, speak to a nursing practitioner about the safest methods available to you

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If You Realize you Pregnant early ,medical abortion may be an alternative to surgical abortion. The medical abortion tablets together are commonly know as the abortion pill. We offer them in our abortion clinic in Giyani Town. In a surgical abortion, the pregnancy is removed through use of suction curettage, in medical abortion, the abortion pill” is used to terminate and expel the pregnancy. The two drugs used for early medical abortion are mifepex (mifepristone) and cytotec (misoprostol). The abortion by pill has been monitored in clinical trials in South Africa which have proven that medical abortion has a success rate of 95% or greater for individuals ten weeks pregnant or less. Since then, Mifeprex, also know as RU486, has been successfully used by over half a million patients to terminate early pregnancy. Click here to book your appointment online.

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What Type of Abortion is Best for me ?


Have an abortion in the privancy of your home ,or a place that is comfortable to you. Prefer to have the choice of being alone to having others with and around you during the abortion process.


. Medical abortion are only upto 16 weeks of pregnancy. Time period includes 1-3 hours. Pain, Cramping and, sometimes, nausea, diarrhea or chills. Heavy bleeding and cramping during the passing of the pregnancy



Faster procedure.Most in-clinic procedures take about 5-10 minutes, while medical abortion can take up to 12 hours to complete Procedure is done at Licensed helath center with professional nurses,doctor with entire time. Minimal pain and you can asleep during your abortion Most effective form of first trimester abortion,almost 100% effective,extremely rare to require a repeat procedure.


Must be done in-clinic and you will be at Choices for about 4-5 hours including registration, lab work, sonogram, counseling, the procedure, and recovery.
You must have an escort with you if you plan to be asleep during your procedure.

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